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Thank you for selecting Bike Barn for your non-profit. We do our best to support as many wonderful non-profits as possible, however,  it is not possible for Bike Barn to provide support to every request.

Bike Barn Community Goals

We enjoy the opportunity to help our customers, employees and the community. Sharing our passion for cycling with others is a priority. You will find us involved in many activities that support and promote cycling in our City. 

  • Healthy Living thru Cycling:

    Increased exposure for children and underprivileged citizens, promoting safe places to ride and cycling safety.

  • Community Initiatives:

    Programs and events that focus on helping families expand education, building confidence in new riders, creating career opportunities and fitness initiatives.

  • Supporting Individuals:

    Supporting those who provide assistance for the underserved, disabled and local veterans is important and inspiring to Bike Barn. We look for organizations that have programs that help individuals integrate into the community, drive fitness initiatives and improve their daily lives.

*Provide as much detail possible on your request. Submit the form at least 30 days prior to your event. Be clear on how your event or charity meets our goals for the community.


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