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At Bike Barn, we hold ourselves to higher standards of quality, service and community. We take great pride in the quality of the products we carry. We also have a deep passion for our customer’s experience both within our stores and on their bike.

We strive for great customer service through conversational, informative and friendly customer interactions. We want every customer that enters one of our stores to be treated like a guest in our home and leave wanting to share their experience with others.

In short, Bike Barn is dedicated to Houston Cycling. We are Houston born and raised, and it’s our belief that we should always provide our community something in return. We make it a constant point to sponsor local events and work with local charities in advancing the cycling lifestyle in Houston.

Our Customer Guarantee

Bike Barn is committed to being a leader in the Houston community.  Our doors open every day with a guarantee of our price, our work, and your satisfaction. Whether you plan to ride through your neighborhood or over a mountain pass, we offer the confidence of knowing you are receiving the best value and service in town.

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