Everything You Need To Know

Houston to Austin | April 2019

Learn more about registering for the BP MS 150, the Bike Barn Team, bike inspections, maintenance clinics and more. You can also get involved by volunteering your time or donating to the Bike Barn Team.

MS 150 - What You Need To Know
What Gear Do I Need?

What To Bring

Start gearing up for a memorable MS 150 with the right gear. Check out our packing guide for all the ride day essentials. You'll also find a suggested list of overnight items to send to La Grange.


Volunteers are the key to a wonderful team experience over the weekend. If you have friends or family that are interested in seeing you over the weekend and would like to help, we want to meet them!  The positions are fun, not too difficult and allows your friends or family to participate in the weekend with you. Many options and we are very flexible.  We look forward to seeing you and your friends/family over the weekend.

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Bike Inspections

Make sure your bike is finely tuned and in the best condition possible before you hit the road to Austin. Bicycle Safety Inspections begin February 19th and are FREE of charge through April 20th. Starting April 21st, inspections will be $15 so don't delay!

Support provided by Bike Barn

Ride Day Support

Once your bike passes the safety inspection, you will be awarded a BP MS 150 Safety Inspection sticker that you'll proudly display on the stem of your bike to make you eligible for FREE labor (parts and materials exempt) if you are in need of mechanical repairs during the BP MS 150.

Overnight Items to send to LaGrange

Sleeping bag, pillow, towel, flashlight/headlamp, spare medications, glasses, sunblock, extra tubes, sandals, toiletries, extra energy bars/snack, insect repellent, Day 2 riding gear.