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Electric Bike Battery Tips

Ways to Increase the Life of Your Battery

We hope that you are enjoying your new electric bike. In order to get the most out of every ride, keep the following things in mind to help your battery last as long as you do. While many of the points below are why electric bikes exist, it’s good to keep this in mind when planning your rides.


Batteries perform optimally at room temperature, between 55ºF and 70ºF. When riding in extreme weather, store and charge battery indoors before your ride.


The amount of work your motor has to do while assisting your ride greatly affects your battery life. Steep inclines and rough terrain require more effort on the part of you and your motor.


When choosing what to wear on your next ride, consider things like aerodynamics and drag. For long rides, consider wearing cycling clothing to make the ride more comfortable and help your battery last longer.


The cadence or rhythm of your pedaling, can cause your motor to work more or less efficient. The more consistent, the better. What gear your bike is in greatly affects your cadence.


The total weight of your bike, your bags, and yourself can affect how much the motor works on your ride. Pay attention to load limits on racks and frames to maximize your battery life.

Ride Mode

Many electric bikes come with options to adjust how much-powered assist you receive from the motor while you ride. Using the lowest setting will ensure your battery lasts longer.

Tire Pressure

The amount of pressure in your tires affects how your bike handles in different road conditions. Keeping in mind what type of riding you normally do and adjusting your pressure accordingly will help your battery last as long as your route.

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