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Choosing The Right Saddle

Get The Best Seat For Your Ride

With so many saddles on the market, it can be overwhelming looking for the right one. A good place to start is to figure out what type of riding you want to do. Different styles of riding require specific equipment and gear - this includes your saddle. We've broken down the options into three categories: road, off road, and comfort.

Road Saddles

For those with a need for speed, these saddles are designed just for you. These lightweight saddles are designed to evenly distribute weight and pressure to your sit bones when you take a more aggressive riding position. They also feature a narrow nose to give your legs full range of motion.

Off Road Saddles

Going on an adventure requires the right equipment. These saddles are designed to help you tackle any trail and any terrain. These saddles feature a shorter nose, which allows for easier mounting and dismounting. Compared to road saddles, these are made a little heavier in order to take a beating.

Comfort Saddles

For rides around the neighborhood or for quick trips to the store, these saddles provide the best comfort. Padded from front to back, they give great support for upright rides. From fitness bikes to cruisers, these saddles will get you from point A to point B with ease.