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Training Options

Get Ready To Ride

The more consistent you are on your training, the more fun you will have riding the Texas MS 150. Here are a few options to help you get ready for the ride. In addition to the rides below, training at your local gym on a spin bike or joining a spin classes will help get you ready for the ride to College Station.


This is the premier training schedule for the Texas MS 150 riders. For a one-time fee you can participate in supported training rides between January and May.  You will learn a lot with weekly emails and training sessions on the bike.  Recommended for first time and experienced riders.  Learn key safety skills, group riding, nutrition and many other skills. Plus, you will make some great cycling buddies.  

Bike Barn Shop Rides

Almost every Bike Barn shops will have a ride every weekend leaving the store. If you are not already riding with us on these rides, then come out and join us.  The rides will vary by shop on speed and distance.

Official Ride Calendar

In addition to the rides above, the Texas MS 150 publishes an “Official Ride Calendar” for their training series. These rides are fully supported and each supports a different  local charity. These are great rides to get used to riding in groups and getting a feel for the Texas MS 150.