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New Resources for Cyclists

Cycling is as popular as ever during this time of limiting the spread of COVID-19, yet most of us have needed to make appropriate adjustments to our normal riding. We are home more, eating differently, racing virtually, faced with less structure and trying to figure out how to handle these tough times. Coach Chris Carmichael provides some helpful resources as athletes navigate the challenges  of staying at home.

Daily Workouts

The Quarantine Project provides FREE daily workouts to support your fitness and aerobic conditioning. These workouts along with Chris’s tips, provide a bit of structure to your workouts and some focus for the flow of your workout week.

E-race Warmups for Zwift

Many cyclists are turning to virtual events for camaraderie and competition while outdoor races are cancelled or postponed. CTS offers helpful warmup routines to prepare you for success in your next Zwift adventure. Learn from Chris about the value of warming up properly and choose from two warmup options depending on your time and needs.

Nutrition Guidance

Staying at home offers the endurance athlete the chance to eat healthy, home cooked meals. Chris offers tips to be kind to yourself about what you eat and offers encouragement about the process of eating from home during a stressful time.

Navigating Tough Times

Athletes of every level can benefit from solid advice about navigating tough times. Learn from Chris’s many years of experience as an athlete and coach. We are in the midst of a collectively challenging time, so check out his tips for how to navigate tough times.

Chris Carmichael's Quarantine Project

Chris Carmichael’s Quarantine Project helps athletes prioritize, adapt and overcome the challenges we are all facing. From free online training videos to articles and podcasts about training during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Quarantine Project offers a wide variety of free resources.