New Bike
Maintenance Plan Details

Your Bike Will Thank You

You're on your way to taking care of your new investment the way it deserves. Our pre-paid maintenance plans will save you money and keep your bike riding like new. Schedule your complimentary tune-ups in advance at your favorite Bike Barn location for the fastest turn around time.

These plans are eligible on new bikes purchases from Bike Barn after January 21, 2019 and are only available at time of bicycle purchase. 

With 2 Year Maintenance Plan

  • Discounts included on:  tires, tubes, bar tape, saddles, pedals, drivetrain parts, spokes, brakes, brake pads and other repair parts.
  • Free labor on:  tune-ups, flat repair, gear adjustments, brake adjustments and wheel truing.
  • Renewable at 24 months based on plan pricing at time of renewal.

Not Included:
With 2 Year Maintenance Plan

  • Discounts NOT included on:  any accessories including but not limited to apparel, locks, bags, racks, baskets, bottles, electronics, lubes,  tools, pumps, lights, safety, helmets and shoes.
  • Labor excluded:  installation labor, shock services, basic repairs or any other labor that is not defined in the free labor included with maintenance plan.
  • Parts or repairs caused by damage from negligence and  accidents. Also, any parts or repair labor associated with warranty issues covered by manufacturer.
  • Commercial use bicycles are not included in the standard 2-year maintenance plan.  Ask about our special plans for commercial use bicycles. 

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Preventive maintenance is the best way to get the most out of your new bike!  We recommend the following schedule.

Every Ride

Check your bike before every ride. Look for soft tires, dirty chain, soft brakes. 

  • Fill Tires
  • Check Electronics
  • Clean/Lube Chain 
  • Get Brakes Adjusted If Too Soft 

No Cost, just a little muscle

30 Days or 20 Hours

After you have ridden some (30 days or 20 hrs), your bike cables will stretch, shifting might be noisy, brakes soft... time for your FREE 30 Day Tune-Up

  • Adjust Brakes
  • Tune Shifting
  • Lube Chain
  • True Wheels

FREE! Thanks for supporting Bike Barn

6 Months or 100 Hours

Wow! 6 months already? Time to make sure that your bike is riding like new. A Basic Tune-Up will make sure it is shifting well, stopping when you need it & wheels are true. Includes:

  • Adjust Brakes
  • Tune Shifting
  • Lube Chain
  • Adjust Bearings Lube Cables
  • Remove & True Wheels
  • Inspect & Clean Frame


*ProCare includes unlimited Basic Tune-Ups plus 10% discount if any parts are needed.

12 Months or 200 Hours

Your rides are getting longer! Now its time to clean the drivetrain, check for chain wear & make sure things are running smoothly. Includes everything from a Basic Tune-Up, plus: 

  • Remove Drive Parts
  • Solvent Clean
  • Fresh Lube
  • Tuned to Perfection


*UltimateCare includes unlimited Complete Tune-Ups plus 15% discount if any parts are needed.

18 Months or 300 Hours

Your bike deserves a spa day! Bring it in for an overhaul and we'll take it down to the frame & make sure everything is in working order. Your bike has needs too, don't ignore them! Includes everything from a Major Tune-Up, plus all labor to:

  • Strip Bike to Frame
  • Clean All
  • Re-Grease All Bearings
  • Replace Cables, Housing, & Other Parts As Needed

OVERHAUL $199.99 

*ProCare – Take $79.99 off overhaul plus 10% on all parts needed.
*UltimateCare – Take $119.99 off overhaul plus 15% on parts needed.