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Top 5 Things to do in 2020

Here is a list of our Top 5 things you can do on your bike this year. We have found setting a goal ride or adventure is a great way to enjoy cycling and keeps you riding.  Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Take a Cycling Vacation

The best way to enjoy the wine country in California or a trip through Tuscany is on the saddle of your bicycle. The world is much more enjoyable and gives you time to absorb the sights around you. Trek Travel has trips all over the world and we believe is the best host for your next vacation, and they include family and non-riders.  Mention Bike Barn and book your trip today, check out their great vacations.

2. Texas MS 150 2020

The Texas MS 150 offers a new route this year that leaves from Houston and Austin. From there, we will meet up in La Grange and then head north to College Station.  This is a new route for 2020 and we believe will be so much fun, please join us. Check out the details and join today. Don’t forget to join the Bike Barn Team, we will handle the ride details for the weekend. 

3. Bucket List

Everyone has their Bucket List rides, our good friends at Carmichael Training Systems pick some of the most challenging and epic rides for their Bucket List Rides.  Check out these exotic and tough adventures!

4. Help Others by Training for a Local Charity Ride.

Houston is blessed with many great charity rides supporting important causes. They can be as challenging as you make them, but are always enjoyable.   Here are a few of we recommend:

- Pedaling the Prairie- February 22

- Tour du Rouge- May 3-8

- Bike Around the Bay- October 24-25

- or Check out our ride calendar

5. Get Out and Ride!

Houston offers many great riding options for all level of cyclists. The only thing you need to do to enjoy your time on the bike is to get out and ride. Here is a map of the many great off-street trails along the bayous of Houston, they are just waiting for you to explore.